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13 Reasons You Should Invest in Planters

Scientists frequently refer to this fundamental human need for nature connection as "biophilia." Unfortunately, this link to the Environment is not usually considered in industrial places, which can be problematic given that these are the settings we frequently find ourselves in. 

According to studies, adding indoor plants and planters to your office space may have a significant positive impact on your staff and, by extension, your Business. As a result, indoor plants and planters have become an essential part of office decor. Planters may be rapidly and easily added to our streets with little to no preparation work needed, improving the standard and appearance of UK streets and public places. Planters give the public reasons to pause, slow down, and re-engage with their surroundings while providing a designated area for planting and easy upkeep.

1. Improves Air Quality

It goes without saying that when we breathe, our bodies absorb oxygen while exhaling carbon dioxide. This process is reversed in plants, which absorb carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, known as photosynthesis. According to studies, adding indoor plants to air-conditioned offices can help lower CO2 levels by about 10%. As a result, everyone in the Environment will breathe easier. In addition, office environments may have significant levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) due to the requirement for paper, books, printer ink, and other study supplies. Modern climate-controlled, airtight structures trap VOCs inside, resulting in a circulation of unclean air. According to recent NASA research, plants immediately contribute to air purification by removing up to 87% of airborne contaminants through photosynthesis, making the air healthier for your staff to breathe.

GFRC / Concrete 14
GFRC / Concrete 14
GFRC / Concrete 14
GFRC / Concrete 14

GFRC / Concrete 14" - 24" H Classic Square Series Planter

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2. Reduce Stress

According to a recent field study conducted in Norway, plants improve physical and psychological health. The University of Technology in Sydney showed that having plants around the office significantly reduced employee stress, tension, and anxiety. One plant per workspace is thought to improve employee morale and thus significantly boost wellness and productivity.

3. Improves the Look of the Area

By bringing color and landscaping to areas that locals and tourists might otherwise perceive as urban jungles, planters enhance the appearance of our streets. Flowers, plants, trees, and other vegetation soften the urban scene and offer a pleasant contrast to the harshness of city streets by fostering an oasis-like atmosphere. Areas become more appealing and aesthetically pleasing, enticing individuals to stay there longer.

4. Improves Rate of Sickness

Did you know that air humidity also works to prevent respiratory problems? It is real! Plants release moisture vapor as part of the photosynthetic process, raising the humidity of the air around them. According to research from the Norwegian Agricultural University, adding plants to workplace environments to increase humidity levels considerably reduces the likelihood of exhaustion, headaches, sore throats, flu-like symptoms, and dry coughs by as much as 60%! Because of this benefit, your staff's general health will increase, leading to fewer sick days.

5. Get More Leads to your Business

Your company will profit if your business location has distinctive landscaping. Your company is likely to draw more consumers if the exterior of your building is creatively enhanced, such as by growing ornamental flowers in pots in well-kept yards. It will offer the impression that your company is superior to your clientele if you have a tidy landscape and imaginative décor.

6. Creativity in the Environment

Nearly 50% of employees work in offices without natural light, and up to 1 in 5 persons have no natural components in their workstations! According to the attention restoration theory, the presence of natural elements in a workplace setting might cause the brain to operate differently, promoting employee relaxation and creativity. According to the 2015 Human Spaces survey, people who worked in workplaces with natural features scored 15% higher for creativity than those who did not. Therefore, including plants in your office environment is essential for fostering your employees' creativity, especially if they have limited access to natural elements.

7. Style and Pattern

Observing the same domestic setting over time can get dull. You can incorporate hanging baskets into the ground cover vegetation to give your landscaping a makeover. Aerial ornamental plants can change the game and let you perceive your property differently. To ensure plants bloom all year long, you can plant a variety of summer, spring, fall, and winter flowers in the pots. By growing decorative plants and flowers in baskets, you may spruce up your complex and create a breathtakingly gorgeous home atmosphere that you, your family, and your guests will always appreciate.

8. Boost Focus

According to research, workers who work in offices with lots of plants tend to have better concentration because of the previously mentioned advantages. According to a study conducted at The Royal College of Agriculture in Cirencester, students showed 70% more attention when taught in classrooms with plants than those without plants.

9. Adds Greenery

By reducing smoking, dust, carbon dioxide, and other pollutants, more vegetation in cities benefits public health. Plants and trees counteract the warming impacts of paved surfaces, regulate air quality and climate, and lower noise pollution levels. The benefits of green areas for mental health, stress reduction and child cognitive development have all been demonstrated in numerous research. It's crucial to make these spaces inviting and to include seating while creating these lovely settings. Adding planters with built-in benches and seats is an easy technique to make sure that the public enjoys using these outside spaces and can encourage people to remain longer.

10. Increases Value of Property

People may have a favorable impression of your residential home based on how it looks from the outside. Your home's resale value may be raised if it is landscaped differently from your neighbors' homes. Additionally, you will make the most of the small compound space, particularly if your home is on a small plot of land.

11. Use of Sunlight:

It will be simpler to expose your flowers to direct sunlight when you have planters. You can move the containers and put them in a different location if some plants aren't getting enough sun. You can choose how and when your plantation receives shade, sunlight, and water by using moveable plant holders.

GFRC / Concrete 13 - 23
GFRC / Concrete 13 - 23

GFRC / Concrete 13 - 23" H Tuscany Rectangular Series Planter

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12. Influence mobility and define areas

Large or small elevated planters and other street furniture can be utilized to define and restrict locations in the public realm and serve as an easy way to add Greenery. Spaces may be partitioned, zones can be separated, and pathways can be distinguished from other regions clearly when used wisely.

13. Less expensive maintenance

Your Ann Arbor, Michigan, home's aerial ornamental trees will significantly lower the cost of yard upkeep. When opposed to the undesired growth, you observe amid the ground-level plants and flowers; weeds develop less frequently in hanging baskets. You'll spend less on your plants because the manure or fertilizer you place in a bucket won't ever be washed away by groundwater running.


Creating an aesthetically pleasing house compound requires inspiration and innovation. You may believe that planting flowers and plants on the ground is the only method to make your home more beautiful. Homeowners today even use pots and baskets while looking for innovative landscaping ideas. The general public has long understood the advantages of planters, and today's demand for modern outdoor planters with artistic yet practical designs is still strong. Pottery and planters are lovely, whether empty or containing a flowering plant.