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Factors to consider before buying a planter

If you are going to buy a planter, then we will help you choose a planter. It is exciting to buy a planter for your home, but you need to do some additional research before purchasing the planter. If you did not read before buying the planter, your time and money could be wasted. The planters are available in different sizes, shapes, and materials. It is essential to choose the right type of planter. 

Choosing a planter that matches your plants and the home theme is also challenging. Also, the design should be eye-catching. The perfect match of plant and planter adds beauty to your home. So here are some factors to consider before buying a planter for your home.

Factors to consider before buying a planter:


It would help to choose a planter with enough holes for drainage. If your planter has enough drainage, then your plant will grow efficiently. The extra water should be drained out. Otherwise, your beautiful plant could be down.


The next factor that you should consider before buying a planter is porosity. Proper air and moisture can easily pass through porous planters. These planters are usually made of clay, paper, or wood. If your planter is absorbent, air could easily pass to the roots of the plants. The excess water is absorbed and maintains moisture in the planter. In this way, the root will not be destroyed.

GFRC / Concrete Oblique Series Low Planters
GFRC / Concrete Oblique Series Low Planters
GFRC / Concrete Oblique Series Low Planters
GFRC / Concrete Oblique Series Low Planters

GFRC / Concrete Oblique Series Low Planters

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The next factor that you should consider is the weight of the planter. Heavyweight planters are difficult to move. The soil will be hard and increase the importance of the planter. If you need to change the location of the planter, then you should choose lightweight planters. Or place wheels under the planter to make mobility easy. If the planter is placed in an area where sunlight is insufficient, then you should choose the planter carefully. Also, if you grow heavy plants in the planter, the planter will get richer. But if you choose a lightweight planter, it could be affected by winds. So the weight of the planter is a significant factor to consider.

Bear in mind the seasons 

Seasons are also essential considerations when selecting a planter. If you are living in an area with harsh weather conditions, you should choose ceramic planters. As a result, you can quickly leave the planter outside the house, which will not be affected by a harsh winter or a scorching summer. But plastic and clay planters could be affected by the weather. Yet still, these are affordable planters.

Choose the correct type of planter.

It is essential to choose the right type of planter. The planters' material makes them durable. If you are looking for a hanging planter, you should not select heavy planters such as ceramic. Also, wealthy planters are not suitable for mobility. So choosing the right type of planter is as essential as other factors are.

Ceramic planters

Each planter has its benefits and drawbacks. Although ceramic planters are more durable, they are not porous. The clay planters are passable, but they are not stable. But if you are going to grow plants that can grow in a less porous material, then ceramic planters are more durable and available in various colours. They also add beauty and raise the value of your home.

Planting plan

It should be remembered that the material is more critical than the planting plan. To grow plants, the substrate should be more absorbable and durable. It should easily withstand harsh weather. Fibreglass is considered a durable and sturdy material. Also, the planter should be resistant to insects and rot.


It is essential to decide whether you will use planters indoors or outdoors. If you are buying indoor plants, the best material is plastic, which is less expensive and light in weight. They are also available in different sizes and shapes. The metal or ceramic containers are not suitable for indoor use. They could not absorb the water, and the plant would be down. If you use an outdoor planter, the best material is ceramic or clay planters.


The best planters are those that have high absorption. Many planters, such as wood or clay, easily circulate air to the roots of the plants and absorb excessive water. Also, they provide more drainage for the plants. They can make a good environment and maintain moisture in the container. But they have some drawbacks. These planters, for example, require frequent watering. Otherwise, the roots will get dry quickly.

GFRC / Concrete 12
GFRC / Concrete 12

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Size is also an essential factor to consider before buying a planter. If you believe in a large planter, then plants will not quickly grow in this planter. Because these planters need more soil, some flower plants will not succeed in heavy mud. So the roots could quickly dry and root. Also, it is essential to choose the size according to the area. If you choose a planter for your balcony, you should select a small planter. Large-sized farmers are suitable in an entrance area or garden. Moreover, hand planters make the balcony and indoors look more beautiful.


Cost is the most crucial factor to consider before choosing a planter. You should decide your budget before buying a planter. Also, the best time to buy plants is during the mid-summer season, when nurseries and markets are heavily discounted. Some planters, such as fibreglass and ceramic planters, are very expensive. If your budget is low, you should wait for a deal or buy according to your budget. Another way to buy an expensive planter is to purchase second-hand planters. You can find unique planters at affordable prices in discounted stores or used items.

The aesthetic of the pot:

The last factor that you should consider before buying a planter is the aesthetics of the planter. The planter complements your home. The planters come in attractive designs and elegant colour contrast. As a result, it is critical to select a planter that complements the overall theme of your home. The shape of the planter is another essential factor to consider. So you should carefully choose the planter that adds beauty to your home.


Maintenance is also another factor to consider. You should buy a planter that requires little maintenance, such as a wood planter. The wood planter needs little maintenance. For example, you may need to maintain it yearly or paint it to protect it from the elements. If the planter needs maintenance, then it would be costly for you. Also, some maintenance practices are not suitable for the health of the plants. You can quickly grow flower plants in wood planters, and they will need less maintenance.


It is essential to choose the planter carefully. If you have less knowledge, then your investment could be costly. Also, if you want to change the look of the planter, then you should not buy durable and expensive plants. Although ceramic plants look beautiful, they are challenging to move, and you need to repair the cracks or replace them. So keep these factors in mind before going to the planters. This way, you can buy a worthwhile planter at the end of the season.