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RTF Outdoor Fireplace

If you're looking for an outdoor fireplace that's both stylish and functional, the RTF Outdoor Fireplace is the perfect choice. This Ready To Finish model comes with everything you need to complete the look of your patio or deck, including a mantel, hearth, and firebox. The sleek lines and classic design of the RTF Outdoor Fireplace will complement any outdoor space, and the durable construction ensures that it will withstand the elements for years to come.

In addition to being an attractive focal point for your outdoor living space, the RTF Outdoor Fireplace is also a great way to extend your entertaining season. Whether you're roasting marshmallows with the kids or relaxing by a cozy fire on a cool evening, this fireplace will make any gathering more enjoyable. And because it's fueled by clean-burning natural gas, you can enjoy your fireplace without worry about smoke or soot.